Akihabara is Japan’s largest and now the sacred place of otaku in the world.
There are many customs in Akihabara, and many shops are open besides Onakura, Imekura, Pinsaro and SM Club.

Among them, the most conspicuous thing is that there are a lot of cosplays like moe and maids that are so pervasive that they are called Akiba.

However, there are not only that, but there are also normal customs and I feel that the number is inevitably small compared to maids called Akiba.

Because there are multiple stations such as JR and subway stations, there are many electric shops and maniac electronic parts shops, and there are many shops that even men interested in shopping can enjoy, so you can enjoy not only customs So if you want to have fun or want to go shopping, we recommend going out to Akihabara.


Speaking of Akihabara, words such as Akiba, Moe, Maid, and Geek can immediately come to mind, but their customs are not lost.

Easy to access, because there are many lines, so it is easy to access other areas, and you can enjoy it all day in Akihabara alone. There is no getting tired for male customers.

Of course, there are many Akiba-style customs, but there are also many other genres of customs, so you can enjoy a variety of plays.

In addition, there are many high-class genres of deriheru, and there are also many high-class stores with quite a female level such as model affiliation, active AV Miss registration, event companion enrollment.

In addition to these, there are places that are operating under the concept of customs and relaxation, and there are many customs with a great healing element that incorporates tropical images, healing, and aromas.

You can also see shops where women from other countries, such as Chinese esthetics and Korean esthetics, are registered.

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